Self-Care with RAEKA!

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These are stressful times we are in!

Because of this, we want to make sure everyone takes a little extra time for self-care. Here, the team talks about their favorite RAEKA products they use in their self-care routines. 




Claire's favorite RAEKA product is the cucumber peel-off mask! It leaves your face feeling softer and looking smoother. Cucumber is refreshing and great for hydrating dry skin. Here are a few pictures of Claire using her mask - she also uses the applicator brush, which keeps product from being lost and keeps your hands clean! 



Emma's favorite RAEKA product is the Illuminating Turmeric Polish. It's her favorite scrub and it uses both walnuts and oats to get all those pesky dead skin cells. It also leaves her face looking brighter and feeing softer. 





Lastly, Richelle's favorite RAEKA product is the Nightly Glow Oil. She says she uses it once every night in her daily self-care routine. It leaves her skin extra hydrated and is perfect for helping to fight wrinkles. 


RAEKA is a local Austin business, and one of our favorite brands to have in store. You can find all of these products on our website! 


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